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Relaxing in the Fast Lane

Troy Schaafsma

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Relaxing in the Fast Lane

As technology ramps up, mankind is working harder than ever to adapt. One of the most controversial technological breakthroughs of the century is self-driving vehicles. I think the technological innovation of creating automatic driving cars can have both positive and negative impacts on the economy and global society. With industrial advancements in society like this, we can take the back seat and let the technology take control.

Although self-driving cars may seem like the best invention since the wheel, there are potentially many negative repercussions that come along with it. The automotives are not created to operate at high levels of safety in all weather conditions. The technology will be so highly desirable, it will potentially inspire more auto theft and technological hacking. One of the most notable downsides to autonomous cars is the fact that over time, drivers will no longer be equipped with the necessary driving skills to operate a vehicle on the road. The implementation of the cars can have several effects on jobs like personal lawyers, drivers, and the gasoline industry.

When technological advancements like this reach the public market, it has a major influence on both the economy and society. The most dangerous aspect of driving is the people behind the wheel of a vehicle. With this technology in use, it is projected to free up parking spaces, reduce automotive accidents and free up personal time. With autonomous cars taking over the streets, men and women can now focus on other things while in the vehicle and be more time efficient on their daily commute to work. With the help of automatic cars, the insurance industry will be effected the most when many people will be charged less and therefore can spend their money elsewhere. One of the most positive impacts this industry could implement would be taking officers away from writing traffic tickets and focus on more serious crimes.  Although there are a handful of negative effects that come along with this invention, it’s overall positive effect on society and the economy will only drive up sales, and keep our streets safer.

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