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Renewable Energy Is the Way of the Future

First came coal, and then came oil.  Although both of these energy sources helped develop the world into what it is today, they are not the way of the future.  Instead, that title is held by renewable energy.

In 2010 alone, the world consumed 150 exajoules from coal and 200 exajoules from oil.  Joules are a unit of energy, and the ‘exa’ prefix is a multiplier of the magnitude 10^18.  Given that, it’s safe to say the world consumes a massive amount of energy from coal and oil.  So much actually, that the world’s reserves of coal and oil are only projected to last another 114 and 50.7 years, respectively.  This data gives reason for why renewable energy not only should, but needs to be, the way of the future.

Personally, I think the consequences that’ll come from innovation in renewable energy will all be positive.  One such consequence will be, as renewable energy becomes more and more popular, energy sources like coal and oil will become less popular.  This will result in less carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere.  Less carbon dioxide emissions is good for a couple reasons as well.  First, less carbon dioxide will reduce/slow the effects of global warming, which some scientists consider the greatest threat to earth.  And second, the world will become healthier because carbon dioxide emissions have health effects such as: headaches, coma, and asphyxia.  Another positive consequence that will arise from innovation in renewable energy comes in the form of economics.  As opposed to harnessing coal and oil, renewable energy is much more labor intensive.  As a result, more jobs are created.  Jobs will be available all around the world, as solar energy is readily available everywhere, at the minimum.  In turn, the world economy will benefit.  Renewable energy will also greatly benefit the consumer financially.  As supply of energy increases, the prices will decrease.  This will give everyone around the world more money in their pocket, which they will be able to use for whatever they want.

Innovation will only make renewable energy better and more efficient, that is why it is the energy of the future.


Evolution of Energy Sources

World Energy Consumption Since 1820 in Charts





Energy Source Comparison

-Michael Logan

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