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Robots and our future Jobs


The future of this country is moving into the hands of robots. Within the next 10 years an estimated 7.5 million Americans working in retail are at risk of losing their job to a robot. In many ways robots are good for society and the advancement of our civilization. We are moving into a new time, but with this new time what is going to happen to the millions who rely on minimum wage jobs. Many jobs that only require a high school degree are at huge risk. Toll both workers have already started to see major change as they are moving into camera technology that eliminates the need for a toll booth operator. Fast food restaurants as well as convenience stores are starting to implement self check-out kiosks eliminating the cashier position. For these huge companies switching to automated systems and robots could save massive amounts of money but what will happen to those who lose there job and do not have enough education to get a higher paying job. These minimum wage employees are now fighting for their jobs against a progressing future. Is it ethical to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than to hire an employee making $15 an hour?

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