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Rose Tetnowski- News Talk #2

While President Donald Trump was running for office he made a lot of promises, one of those being that he would bring Jobs back to America, especially the people who live in middle America. With that being said a lot of people had doubts and continue to have doubts about the promises he made, and if he will follow through with what he said.  But the Trumps latest executive order regarding coal minering and the regulations brought some hope back to the Appalchia community. The bill if passed would remove some of the regulations put on the coal mining indusrty. With that being said many people are not fully rallying behind the idea that this will change the current job situation in this area. Workers old and new are not counting on this executive order to bring huge changed. They stated that the coal mining industry declined for many reasons, and not one exectutive order is going to change that. For now though, the people are glad that President Trump kept this promise , because that is not always the case, and ignited some hope amongst the community, but many still remain sketical.

I found myself in a slight ethical dilema while reading this article. I have a hard time backing anything Trump does because of my own personal, and moral standards, but I also have a hard time turning my back to the people in an area that lost so much after the fall of the coal mining area. When Trump passes this ethical order it removed a lot of regualtions and practices that help the enivoroment. We are in an era with great climate change, and the actions we take will effect the future. It is our cur

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