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Safety Versus Freedom: Amazon Delivery Drivers Required to be Recorded in their Delivery Vans.

By Logan Coe, 2/28/2021

Amazon is putting safety above everything else with their deliveries starting next month by installing mandatory cameras inside of all of their employees’ delivery trucks, having AI software monitor and keep track of everything the driver does inside the car along with their driving.

While this does improve safety and increase accountability in Amazon’s deliveries, many of Amazon’s employees are concerned with losing their individual freedom in their rides. With the added software, many employees report an increase in stress over having their jobs be taken away due to bad driving techniques or being distracted on their drive. The AI system will send data back to the company if the driver breaks hard, accelerates rapidly, or makes a U-turn. This is reported to put a huge stress on the driver due to them having to be on high alert with their driving constantly.

On the other hand, the utilization of driver monitoring systems does cause an decrease in collisions by 38.1%. This large decrease in the collisions is substantial evidence to prove that these systems are useful and worth it, perhaps even at the cost of the drivers individual freedom in their ride.

In my experience, while I do not enjoy being monitored or watched while I work, the productivity of my work vastly increases when this is happening. I feel like the ends justify the means, and the massive decrease in collisions and increase in safety and accountability outweighs the need for privacy during the deliveries.

Overall, the increase in safety and decrease in crashes takes priority, and the inclusion of the AI software will lead to many lives being saved, lawsuits and crashes being avoided, and money being saved. Safety is always the most important thing for a business to worry about, and the increase in safety is a prime example of better business ethics in Amazon.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/25/tech/amazon-driver-monitoring/index.html

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