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Samsung to launch AI digital assistant with Galaxy S8

Samsung has decided to get involved in the artificial intelligence world. Artificial intelligence, a term used for the ability of a machine, computer or system to exhibit humanlike intelligence, is widely expected to represent the next frontier of computing. Considering the previously mentioned aspects, every artificially powered voice assistant has become top notch in current times, answering questions, loading applications and sending texts has became almost necessary in the 21st century.

Samsung has revealed that earlier this year it has acquired an artificial intelligence startup called Viv. As some might know, this company was the one in charged of working together with Apple in Siri’s developing process in 2012. Samsung aims to handle everyday tasks and also plans to incorporate the platform into its line of Galaxy phones, as well as home appliances and wearable devices.

The company is aiming to improve its public relations and business nightmares created by the recalls and cancellation of the overheating Galaxy Note 7 by developing their own AI virtual assistant.


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