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Scotland Poised To Become 1st Country To Make Period Products Free


March 2, 2020

Sarah Pollock

NewsTalk Article from Laurel Wamsley’s “Scotland Poised to Become 1st Country to Make Period Products Free”

The average woman spends nearly 5,000 pounds (6,000 dollars) on menstrual products. Nearly 1 in 10 women in the United Kingdom suffer from ‘Period poverty’- This is the ability to afford menstrual products as well as the impact period stigma has that inhibits women from societal functions like work or school. In the past week Scotland has been all over the news in their initiative to improve access to period products and are a giant step closer in being the first country to provide free period products to anyone that needs them. According to an NPR article by Laurel Wamsley, on February 27th the Scottish Government passed a legislation that will cost around 31 million dollars a year in funding this universal access, she quotes Scottish parliament member, Alison Johnstone saying “This is so often characterized as a women’s issue, but it is not. It is a social justice issue, an equalities issue, and a rights issue. Being financially penalized for a natural bodily function is not equitable or just. Being unable to afford or access period products denies women access to education, work, sport, and so much more.” This milestone directly relates how social policy can influence both the economy and business. It also directly concerns global corporate citizenship as the importances of social issues are often weighed against the priority of making a profit. I find this passing legislation remarkable as it affects how people will experience consumerism as well as the government’s relationship to healthcare- something that fluctuates a lot in the US.

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