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Secret Conversations Possible? No Government Oversight Whatsoever?


In the beginning of July, Facebook released a statement saying that they will have end-to-end encrypted messages onto Facebook Messenger. The new software update is called Secret Conversations which allows Facebook users to encrypt their messages meaning no one else other than the two people within the conversation could read the messages sent back and forth; not the company itself nor the government can read your conversations. Also Facebook has released another feature in which users are allowed to send each other timed-messages. Similar to the Snapchat’s 10 second messages, Facebook Messenger now allows you to send encrypted 5-second messages, pictures, etc. With recent events such as the arrest of a Facebook executive for failing to help Brazilian authorities decrypt WhatsApp messages from suspects in a drug trafficking case and the San Bernardino shooter’s locked phone, how do you feel about Facebook’s new feature, “Secret Conversations”?


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