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Seems Like Uber Needs Better Tips


A bunch of curriers for UberRush and UberEats are now speaking out against the company because not only did they feel like it wasn’t enough, but they are starting to claim that uber has been keeping their tips.

As fox reported, as of Tuesday, uber is now being sued by a new your currier claiming he is owed hundreds in unpaid tips and wages.

Uber’s Rush and Eats platforms, which launched in October 2015 and March of this year, turn the company’s on-demand ride-hailing platform into on-demand delivery services for packages and food, adding bike messengers to their network of drivers. For both platforms, like for their regular driving service, there is a base fee and then a per mile fee. But, in addition to that both have a service fee and a tipping section.

The curriers are upset because they’ve not been receiving the money from either. And according to  the Hospitality Wage Order in New York, in order for a Service Charge (that is not a gratuity) to be legal, the company must “adequately notify the customer” that the fee is not a tip intended for a worker.

Uber isn’t the only one either

In October, Uber couriers formed an alliance with delivery people from other apps, including Postmates and Instacart, to gain bargaining leverage over wages, hours, tipping practices, and safety concerns. Members of the Messenger Alliance said that they too sometimes do not receive tips from GrubHub orders – They say they know when a customer included a tip via GrubHub because they can see the tip on the order receipt when they deliver the food. UberEats no longer provides such receipts. In the world of digital orders, which involves a long chain of middlemen, tips make a complicated journey from the customer to the courier. In the case of UberRush, a tip has to travel from the customer, to GrubHub, to restaurant owner, to UberRush, and then finally to the courier.  “It’s not limited to Uber,” one of the curriers said of the labor conditions that squeeze app-based delivery workers. “It’s DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates. But Uber set the trend for these other apps.”

So, is it fair for uber to take the majority of the responsibility because of their stature in the industry? Are they responsible because of their stature?

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