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Self-Driving Vehicles and Their Effect On Everyday Life (Michael San Gabriel)

In today’s age of technological innovation, every facet of our everyday lives is starting to have some sort of modern technology built into them. Ranging from watches to even refrigerators. The most controversial of these however, are cars. With the rise of Tesla motors under visionary CEO Elon Musk, our society is getting closer and closer to the luxury of having self-driving cars.

I see the innovation of Tesla motors to have a significant impact on modern transportation as we know it. The total number of car accidents in the United States currently sits at 6 million per year (driverknowledge.com), with fully successful self-operating vehicles this figure will surely go down as human error would no longer be apart of the equation when driving. Not only that, but people who are unable to drive due to old age or physical implications, will now be able to have their own personal transportation without any limitations. However, even with these benefits, there will be some setbacks. With the emergence of self-driven vehicles, the need of forms of public transportation will be very limited. This in turn will put people who operate these public vehicles out of jobs as well as the companies that help fund them. Not only that, but there are bound to be accidents based off computer bugs and glitches in the software that controls the vehicle.

However, the rise of Tesla motors will ultimately change how people commute to work as well as how people travel. One of the main burdens in driving to get to a travel destination is the act of driving in itself. By cutting this burden out of travel plans, people will be more open and willing to travel by car. Not only this, but traveling will be much easier as people would be able to sleep while still traveling. Some days the daily commute to work is brutal and by far the worst part of the day, taking upwards of an hour sometimes to get home. The addition of Tesla cars to everyday life however, would ease and lighten the burden of the work commute. Overall, the emergence of self operating vehicles will make the average person’s every day life so much easier in more ways than one. Which is why I think self operating vehicles will have a a great impact on our lives in the years to come.

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