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Shifting Reality

By: Matt Klein (ENES464)

Humankind is approaching the point to where some things straight out of science fiction are becoming less and less fictional. Technology of the 21st century has moved at an alarmingly fast rate and one there is one groundbreaking phenomena currently in its early stages that has the potential to literally change how we perceive things. Virtual reality has risen mostly in the gaming community in the past few years to give players the feel that they are actually inside a video game. But most people can predict that VR will not stop there. There may come a time when this technology won’t just be “virtual” but in fact will become a reality in itself. There is no limit to what can be experienced with these headsets so new scientists and engineers will certainly find ways to make it applicable to improving the real world. For example, VR could help a doctor practice a certain type of surgery before performing it on a real patient so they know what to expect. Or maybe engineers in the construction industry can create virtual models of their building and use VR headsets to see what it would look like to be standing in front of a life-sized structure in order to prepare for the actual building process. These are just some examples of how virtual reality will evolve and improve into real world applications. The issue, however, is to make sure the technology doesn’t become so far advanced that the actual reality on earth becomes obsolete. If virtual worlds become people’s new reality, the whole natural balance of the world would be thrown off and who knows what problems or conflicts could arise as a result? But as I said before, the technology is just beginning to become popular so we are still many years away from having to worry about such things. New inventions are being thought of everyday so technology has no end to what it’s capable of.

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