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Should NCAA athletes get paid?


Sa’eed Nelson

April 13, 2017

Should NCAA athletes get paid?

This question has been a controversial topic for  a long time and after this years NCAA mens basketball tournament, the topic has sparked controversy once again.  March Madness generated close to 1 billion dollars this year.  Vendors, coaches, and security guards all get paid; everyone connected to the tournament except the players who get a free education (Ebony).

During this years NCAA basketball tournamnet North Carolina’s head coach, Roy Williams, earned $925,000 in bonuses from winning the National Championship(Carolina blue).  His players saw none of the money.The players generate the most revenue for the schools, but yet get paid nothing.

Some pros that come out of paying athletes are them being able to support their families, players may actually stay longer at the school, and giving athletes what they deserve (Lemmons 1).  Coming from a D1 athlete myself, we go through crazy labor every single day.  It feels as though we are workers or employees at our job and our coach is the manager or boss.  The main difference is we aren’t being treated fairly because we aren’t getting paid while excessively working.


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