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Smart Inhalers

Rohit Pathak

My family has been affected in every generation by different kinds of asthma. The smart inhaler is set to be released in 2020 and has already been approved the FDA. The smart inhaler will be compatible by an app via smartphone. The app will determine how well the patient uses the inhaler by giving the patient a rating, with a sensor that measures breath actuation. Patients with asthma require two types of inhaled medication: to prevent attacks that dampen the inflammation and when symptoms occur such as coughing or wheezing. The app will use the bluetooth technology to tell patients when they should use the inhaler and records the data to help guide care. According to studies, many patients do not know how often they should use their inhaler because it is hard to tell how severe the asthma is. With the data being recorded the patient will know how severe the asthma is and how often to use it. According to an HIT consultant survey, 93% of respondents expressed satisfaction. This will impact the lives of everyone that has asthma by making lives for people with asthma easier. Personally speaking my mother suffers from extreme asthma; from her going up a flight of stairs she is always gasping for air. With the smart inhaler, once the date becomes recorded the app will know how often she should use the inhaler. So people with different kinds of asthma, allergic, exercise-induced, occupational, etc., can play sports and be active, go to work daily and live a better life with the smart inhaler.


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