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Smartphone Changes the World – Liwen Zhang

With the rapid advances in technology, technological innovations change our ways of life. One major technological innovation I see in this horizon that has significant consequences for our global society is the smartphone.

The smartphone changes people’s ways of life in the 2010s, connecting all the technological marvels of the last 20 years: email, wireless Internet, and social media together in a device that fits in our pocket (2017). Its appearance provokes a true revolution to our society (Costa, 2016). Before the 2010s, if people wanted to surf the internet to gain the information, the best option was to use a computer. Now, holding the smartphone in our hand, we can get access to the internet disregarding time and location. We can check the mailbox, play games, and do shopping. With such kind of intense connection between people and the internet, the smartphone has made have made the world a much smaller place and connected isolated parts of the world together (2017). The smartphone will change the traditional ways of work, entertainment, and life since all ports of the social networks and communication platforms will connect toward the smartphone.

However, not all the impacts from the smartphone are positive. The smartphone was designed to bring humans closer together, but it actually isolates us from the very same people (2018). Because of the convenience, many people are using the social media to interact with each other on the phone which makes people lose sight of what is happening in the ‘real world’ around them. People should be eager to develop the true relationship in the real life instead of interacting with each other on the social media. Also,  frequent usage of smartphones will have negative effects on people’s health. Spending too much time on the smartphone will cause an increase in neck/back problems as we hunch over our phones and with higher levels of obesity as we eschew other activities in favor of staying home and gazing at our smartphones (Miller, 2017).


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