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Stem Cells: On the Brink of Changing the World

Brandon Basedow

A major technological innovation on the horizon is the applications of stem cells. Stem cells are cells in our body that can become any type of specified cell and can repair damaged tissue. If we can find a way to alter their genetic codes to make them develop into whatever specific types of cells we choose, the sky is the limit in medicinal applications. I feel that stem cell research will have significant benefits to global society. If we can harness the ability of stem cells to revive damaged tissue, we can alleviate symptoms of disease and in some cases cure them completely. We could change the world if diseases and syndromes that cause people pain every single day could potentially be treated. Since these cells can differentiate themselves, things like rejection-free transplants that were once considered impossible could be on the horizon. According to EuroStemCell (eurostemcell.org ), if this research is successful then Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke victims could all be cured.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Cancer kills millions of people every year. Many people around the world do not survive diseases because they cannot get a transplant that their body will accept. Being able to control stem cells can change all of that. Stem cell research is something that has been on the horizon for some time, however scientists do believe that the stem cell “revolution” will kick off within the next decade. The work being done takes so much time because it is extremely challenging, expensive, and the resources are limited. If this “revolution” is indeed on the horizon, the world will completely change by allowing so many people to live disease free or symptom free. If perfected, it could be the most important medicinal discovery in human history.

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