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Sustainability Projects From the Oil Industry

According to the International Energy Agency, it would be almost impossible for the world to reach its climate targets without finding a way to capture and store carbon emissions. However, bp oil industry is leading the charge with other European energy companies to begin carbon capture projects within the UK. 

Bp is an oil and gas company from the UK, and is considered one of the “supermajors” in its field. But, this month they announced their plans to do their part to reach the UK’s climate goals. Their first project is a method of siphoning off carbon dioxide from factories and storing it under the North Sea. This plan involves a four step process that starts with injecting emissions into an absorber with solvent. Then, in the next two steps, the solvent works to separate the CO2 from the mixture and the solvent, and finally the CO2 is stored under the North Sea. Bp is working with other energy companies such as Italy’s state oil company Eni, Norway’s Equinor, National Grid, Royal Dutch Shell and French energy company Total on this carbon emissions project. 

In addition to this project, bp will also work with National Grid, Equinor and power generator Drax to capture 10m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and store this in saline aquifers under the North Sea. This project could capture the equivalent emissions of three million UK homes every year. 

Andy Lane, bp’s head of carbon capture solutions calls the projects a “significant milestone” in finding an effective and eco-friendly solution to storing carbon emissions. The project is considered a helping hand in reaching the UK’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. As bp is one of the major oil companies it is refreshing to see one of these “oil giants” acknowledging their damage to the environment in the form of carbon emissions. While these projects will not eliminate the damage companies like bp have already done to the environment, this is a serious step to limiting their carbon footprint.

by: Sierra Meredith

Original Story:

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