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Syria Refugee Program

After the terrorist attack that happened on Friday 13th in Paris, France, the president of The United States Barack Obama made a refugee program that includes fleeing 10,000 Syrians to USA to help them run away from the circumstances they being living under. Obama says that rejecting this program is betray America’s values, and he also said that Syrians fleeing to USA are the most affected by terrorism. He also pointed that some of this politicians’ families had benefited from USA’s protection.

This program made governors and president candidates rise their opinions. Republicans strongly opposed to this refugee program and they think Obama does not take ISIS’ threats seriously. Their main reason is security concerns considering that these people come from a war-torn country, and that the program does not specify how the president will know who he is exactly being accepted into the country. Some republicans had even suggest only refuge the Christians Syrians. They also believe that USA should not spend a dollar on this program, and that Americans should remember that the Boston Marathon Bombers were refugees. Ryan Ben Carson said that until the plan do not sort the good from the bad ones this program should not be approved.

On the other hand democrats think that if USA does not help it will be not use its power and instead being a coward. The states that have approved this refugees program are Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and Delaware.



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