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The Wide Footprint of Autonomous Vehicles

By Jacob Susskind Lately, news is abuzz with stories about autonomous vehicles (AVs). AVs are just like cars as we know them, except a supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence is the driver. The computer uses an array of sensors (usually cameras or light based and infrared radar systems) to understand ...

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Will AI Make or Break the World As We Know It?

Natasha Weiner 114771216 Artificial Intelligence is and will have significant consequences for global society. Whether these are good or bad is a highly debated topic that many cannot seem to agree on, and the answer is not simple. However, regardless of personal preference, AI is on the rise. Enhancements to ...

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The Transformation of Global Society: Robotics

by: Nikhil Hosamane The main goal of technology is to make something easier for human beings. Technology is constantly advancing and improving so that it can encompass more aspects of daily life with the goal of positively benefiting many facets of everyday life such as work, travel, play etc. One ...

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