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Globalization’s Impact on me and the USA

Globalization is constantly featured in my daily life. When I wake up and get dressed, I am often wearing a Hollister shirt manufactured in India and Nike shoes made in Vietnam. Then I might drive to a friend’s house in my partially Japanese-manufactured Honda while listening to a podcast featuring ...

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Globalization: Granting Access to Resources

  By: Lidya Tesfaye Everything I interact with daily is a feature of globalization. I have access to technologies,  and vehicles that has parts built and assembled in different countries besides where I currently live.  Even certain foods come from different parts of the U.S before it reaches my plate. ...

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Globalization or Revolution?

By: Nikhil Hosamane Globalization is featured in everyone’s daily lives. Globalization is defined as increasingly friction-less flow of various good, services, information, capital etc. Through the process of globalization the world becomes smaller in which more parts of the world are connected and accessible. The constant improvements in technology, increases ...

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