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Tesla and more

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Over the past couple of years, Elon Musk has revolutionized the car industry with the creation of the full electric car, Tesla, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to this technological innovation, he is planning to start to dwell into other industries such as space travel and truck manufacturer industry.

More recently, he has launched SpaceX’s first launch of the Falcon 9 Heavy, which is a space rocket that far exceeds any other. It has “27 first-stage engines that vastly exceeds the capabilities of no other vehicle” (SpaceX). This vastly impacts the commercial space, deep space travel, and space tourism. This innovation doesn’t necessary affect our day-to-day life, but i’lll push for space travel leading to new ventures within the upcoming years. In addition to the first-stage engines, the rockets has been the other competing space rockets through various aspects such as cost ($90 million), payload, and being more economic with the implementation of reusable rockets and landing legs. Although the cost seems like a lot, most space rockets used right are triple the cost of the Falcon Heavy.

In addition to the spacecraft, he is also getting into the truck manufacturer industry by creating the first ever full-electric truck, Tesla Semi. Although the cost of it is a bit high ($150,000-%180,000), it is going to be more efficient than those in the current market. The vehicle has either a 300-mile range or a 500-mile range version. The positive of this vehicle overall creating a greener environment with no use of gasoline and the ability to save $200,000+ in fuel. The positive impacts are a greener environment, more efficient gas industry, and less truck pollution. One of the negative aspects of this is the huge production cost, but this can be overlooked with the fuel you’ll save. This is going to affect our day-to-day by providing the truck industry a more efficient option in the long-run lead to more prosperous companies who need to use them. With more and more electric vehicles, more consumer can access them and lead to a more efficient travel while also saving money in the long-run.

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