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The Darknet Threatening Lives AND Pharmaceutical Industry

This article discusses the threat of the darknet and the Agora site to not only pharmaceutical companies across to world, but the threat to human life. The darknet is a place where people can buy drugs virtually anonymous and has recently become very popular amongst those uninsured or whose insurance will not cover expensive medications. This is why ex-police officer, Tim Ramsey, was hired by drug companies in order to do research on this online “drug store.” They have ultimately found that many medications have no active ingredients, too much, or often a totally different active ingredient.
This article relates to our class because it shows how an illegal market place; which started as an underground market to sell guns, narcotics, and hitmen, can have global influence large enough to threaten the $300 billion pharmaceutical industry. Often these drugs are being produced in Asia and shipped to distributors in Europe so that they appear that they have been  produced there, showing how conniving this market can be.
In regards to my opinion, I find this topic to be shocking. I had thought that everyone on this site had been purchasing these drugs for recreational use, rather than an older generation discovering it as a source for necessary medications. I feel this outbreak is due to the lack of publicity these sites get, maybe if this older generation using these drugs for their health were to be educated on the uncertainty of these sites, this issue could be combatted. However, doing so may attract more teens and illegal drug users, which poses a new issue.


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