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The Depths of Globalization

Harshdeep Goraya
The Depths of Globalization

The development of international influence has created an additional axiom in the operations and development of business or other organizations. In our everyday lives, products and services in terms of what we eat, as well as what we wear have been integrated for our collective use. In my last visit to Punjab, India; multiple stops were necessary to be made as we were amazed in the fact that restaurants like McDonalds and Pizza Hut were placed in many locations throughout major cities. The menus, as well as the food, was shaped around the food more common in the area, as they created their own type of sub-menu featuring exclusive items. These extensions all root from the original corporations themselves.

The extended families of mine in Punjab have witnessed globalization that they haven’t yet realized. Every day as we speak, there are establishments being built on city bypass roads that are creating jobs for people that live in nearby cities or villages. This is a very positive impact as other corporations will further look to expand their branches in developing countries for a better tomorrow for everyone. In terms of globalization in the US; it has been one of the greatest impacts on this country, especially towards the people in it. This proliferation has spread influence from the roots of these corporations throughout our country in the aspects of culture, values, as well as entertainment. As it continues to open up several markets for the US, which strengthens companies to expand and branch out even further.

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