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The Effects of Globalization

The effects of Globalization on my life can be seen without even leaving the house. Using the internet, I routinely chat and play games with people from different continents, using platforms such as Reddit, Youtube, Discord, and other forums. When I go outside, I see massive store chains that have expanded across several continents, such as McDonald’s, and Chipotle. If I need anything, I can can order those items from places like Amazon and Ebay, who can ship items from as far away as Europe or Asia. Globalization has resulted in me being more connected to other parts of the world than before.  


Globalization greatly affects my extended family. My mother was born in Hong Kong before moving to California at a young age with her family. Nowadays, my mom’s side lives all along the coasts of the US and in Belgium. My aunt lives in Belgium and her job often requires her to travel through several countries. They also frequently travel across the Atlantic back to the US to order to see family. Globalization has enabled my family to travel distances while still maintaining connections.


The US has benefitted greatly from globalization in that globalization has allowed many US companies, like McDonald’s and Hasbro studios to expand and generate massive profits from international sales. But people in the working class have had suffered from globalization because many companies have decided to outsource their jobs to people in other countries where employees work for less than what is allowed in the US. Overall, globalization benefits the US economy, but it hurts people in working class by forcing them to compete with people in other countries.

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