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The Effects of New Technological Innovations

The Effects of New Technological Innovations

Recently, there has been a major technological innovation that’s starting to have an effect on our society. It’s known as indoor farming. Thanks to new LED lights, new farming methods have been developed that ensure a safer farming process. Even small changes like this to a concept such as farming may have extraordinarily great results for the farmers and on our world. A major problem humans have to begin dealing with is the fact that there’s not an unlimited amount of space on Earth for all the people, animals, farms, plants, etc. Many years ago, someone came up with the idea of piling homes on top of one another (vertical growth), rather than only building home next to one another (horizontal growth). This led to what we now recognize as apartment buildings. Coincidentally, researchers and innovators have begun finding ways to pile farms on top of one another too. Through indoor farming techniques, the farm land doesn’t spread far our and take up a lot of space. Instead, the farm land can be grown underground or within large apartments, where the farm land is dispersed amongst levels of the building. As a result, less of the Earth is being utilized for farm land and more space can be allotted towards other necessities. In addition, buying underground farming land or growing within apartments is a cheaper alternative than spreading out one’s farm land on Earth. A huge benefit from underground and indoor farming is that pesticides are not needed, which are harmful for the environment and humans. LED lights are great too because they can change color depending on the crop being grown (some grow better in different colors of light). Utilizing the proper light color ensures that the plant reaches is highest growth potential and receives better nutrition. This technology will have a great impact on our daily lives. As a result, people may be able to grow crops where they may have thought it was impossible before. This may fix hunger problems throughout the world and benefit the lives of farmers worldwide.

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