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The Everyday Significance of Globalization (Zach Eisner)

Globalization plays a huge role in my daily life, as it has completely altered the resources I have and the people I interact with.

My day will typically begin with breakfast, 15% of which is likely imported from other countries (FDA). The U.S. has seen a steady increase in food imports, specifically in fresh fruit, which now exceeds 50% of fruit purchases. Following breakfast, I choose what to wear for the day. Only 3.4% of clothing is produced domestically, showing the reliance the U.S. has on textile imports from around the world, especially China (36.4%) (Kuepper 2019). From there, I will drive to class in my Korea-produced Hyundai, and interact with people who have come here from all over the world.

Globalization has impacted my near and extended family in a multitude of ways. My family is of European descent, meaning their immigration to the United States, along with the immigration of all people, reflects the essence of globalization itself. The U.S. is an amalgamation of all cultures, including those that my ancestors brought with them to America. From a more present-day standpoint, globalization gives my family and I the opportunity to live in a country where we can experience a different cultural subset whenever we want – a luxury not possible hundreds of years ago. On a daily basis, this is seen most clearly in the food we eat, the items we buy, and the activities we do.

Globalization has been beneficial for the U.S. as it has increased our choices of goods while lowering their prices. This relative decrease in cost across the U.S. economy has allowed a technological boom which has exponentially improved our quality of life and our ability to innovate as a country.


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