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The Extent of Globalization

Brianne Nguyen

Because of its massive size and population, the United States has many citizens that remain unaware of the presence of foreign countries within their own nation. However, as the world continues to advance economically, technologically, and culturally, globalization will continue to impact the daily lives of US citizens. In my own life, I notice many features of globalization every single day. For instance, the car that I use to commute to school was designed by a Japanese car company. The news that I read online often includes information regarding foreign countries. Many of the food products that I buy in Asian grocery stores are often shipped from Japan or Taiwan. Globalization has affected my family as well. My father, who works for a software company, often collaborates with people from India because his company employs people from many different countries. I keep in touch with my extended family from the United States, France, Australia, and Vietnam by using Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Social media is a worldwide platform for which people of different countries can share their lives with one another. My family uses social media extensively to stay close, which allows us to have a more close knit family regardless of proximity. Globalization positively affects the United States because it allows for its citizens to become more open and accepting of other cultures. With a larger foreign presence in the United States, people can learn to respect the power of other countries and appreciate what other countries contribute to our nation.

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