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The Future of Artificial Intelligence



  1. One major technological innovation that is on the horizon that I believe has significant consequences for the global society is the creation of artificial intelligence. This has multiple negative consequences. This will not only take away jobs that are being filled by actual humans, but it will make the need for humans minimal, because the artificial intelligence can do everything better than a human. Two main risks of artificial intelligence in both the short and the long term is the financial and economic harm that may be wrought and the mismanagement of artificial intelligence by human beings. The benefits of artificial intelligence are that this will increase our economic productivity, but it won’t improve our living conditions if we don’t move away from a labor/wage based economy. There are multiple other consequences of artificial such as, this would be able to influence what people say, manipulate information, and spread fake news. The largest negative effect to me would be the job disruption, because robots will be able to do anything and everything better than us. On top of this fact there are still some people that believe that eventually artificial intelligence will be able to do what it does in the movies, such as terminator, which is doom the human race and take over the world.
  2. Artificial intelligence will have an impact on the way we work live and play. It will change the way that we work because it will disrupt the current job market, due to the fact that robots will be able to do absolutely anything better than we are able to do. This would be cheaper and more efficient that paying humans for labor. This will change the way that we live because when there is artificial intelligence, it will be able to spread news and fake new if it wanted, manipulate beliefs that people have, and influence individual’s way of thinking. This will change the way that they live and what they want to do.

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