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The Impact of Globalization

By Abhishek Velayudham

The impact of globalization can be seen quite often in my daily life. For instance, at my internship at Microsoft, I can see the large number of people who have been recruited from all around the world. There are engineers that I’ve met here that have grown up in places such as India, China, Thailand, and many other countries. Here we see globalization in terms of companies, where an American company is recruiting people from other nations.

Globalization also impacts my near and extended family in a drastic way. Similar to Prof. Shyam R. Chidamber, I have a very diverse set of relatives who are Chinese, Caucasian, and Nigerian. In comparison, prior to my generation, all of my relatives were Indian. This has impacted my family significantly as there is a large mixture of cultures in my family and this has many great consequences such as diverse thoughts, experiences, and, most importantly, food.

According to Panos Mourdoukoutas, a professor at LIU Post, America has largely benefited from the globalization of markets. We have been able to establish ourselves as the leading innovator in the world and this has helped us tremendously. Many American products/services are available all around the world and the profits from these American companies are partially taken up by the government and the rest are reinvested in American markets by the people profiting off these companies. In general, this leads to more wealth in the United States and although income inequality is increasing, the wealth generated still has a positive impact on most of the people here.


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