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The Impact of Globalization

Chad Gruzin


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The Impact of Globalization


Globalization is featured constantly in my everyday life. My days begin with my iPhone alarm going off to wake me from my sleep. This product was designed by Apple in California and manufactured in China before being sold to me at a Best Buy in Maryland. The music playing to wake me up is commonly that of The Rolling Stones, a British classic rock band. After getting dressed I walk to my kitchen and make a breakfast smoothie, which typically includes a Banana imported from Central America. I then hop into my Acura, which was made in Japan, and drive to class or work. At least four countries outside of the United States have been a part of my morning, and my day has barely begun.

On a broader scale, globalization has impact both my near and extended family. My brother has Fragile X, a syndrome that causes intellectual impairment due to a lack of protein creation in the X chromosome. There is coordination from doctors and scientists across the globe to find a cure for his condition. Additionally, my grandfather immigrated to Baltimore from Lithuania as a teen after World War II. While living here he met his wife, whose family was originally from Poland.

Although there are some negatives to globalization, overall its affects on the United States and its economy are positive. The ability to trade with other nations opens up markets for goods and services overseas, which creates jobs in the US. Furthermore, travel and trade results in an expansion of ideas and global interest in history and culture. It allows for collaboration in science and discovery, as well as the sharing of values.

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