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The Megaton that is Globalization

By Eden Zheng (114158666) – ENES 464

Globalization has affect my daily life from the my car I drive, Toyota Camry, which is a Japanese manufacturer, to the technology I use, Lenovo laptop, Chinese manufacturer. My day-to-day life is constantly affected by globalization with the various cultures that have been introduced, but also the things we don’t think about such as access to products that weren’t previously here such as international foods, clothing, technology, and other forms. In the market, there are various products and often times these products aren’t sourced from the U.S. Often times these products are made from other countries and imported giving us the opportunity. In addition, the globalization has enabled a interconnected network that has let to increase trade for multinational companies that utilize a global supply chain network.

Globalization has affected my near and extended family through numerous ways by exposing them to an open market. They are exposed to numerous of American based brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Nike, Starbucks, and Apple. If globalization didn’t happen, my family in China wouldn’t be able to be exposed to various cultures and products that are only accessible to the respected country. In addition, to this my majority of my family is from China and a small portion has immigrated to the U.S. to achieve what they couldn’t in China.

Globalization has for the most part been a positive impact on the U.S. Globalization has affected the U.S. by spreading American culture around the world along with taking in cultures from all around the world making the phrase “the melting pot” come to flourish. In addition, it has opened the market for us to increase our way of living by decreasing production cost by outsourcing. In addition, multinational companies are able to flourish more with the open market and trade policies. As we can see from the day 1 module, there have been a positive impact on the U.S. through the global GDP grower at a faster rate than the population, but with this growth there leads to the problem of income equality growing since the common problem is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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