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The New Wave of Drone Agriculture? By Richard Zhang

Over the course of civilization, humans have been able to survive and grow through all kinds of obstacles. Humans have continued to push the limits of expectation and break barriers. With that in mind, technology has constantly advanced and impacted how one thinks, and behaves. Specifically, a new technological innovation surfacing around the world is the usage of drones for agriculture which is potentially projected to make up for 80 percent of the market unmanned aircrafts in the future (Businelli). Food drives the world, without it, people wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things that we get to eat from around the world. Furthermore, drones have become popular for many services such as delivery. Today, people are beginning to use drone technology to effectively and efficiently manage farms. Moreover, different countries produce various commodities in which are bought and sold around the world.

This product innovation of drone technology and its supplementary features in agriculture will have many benefits for the world especially for farmers who are cultivating farms by traditional methods. For example, harvesting crops requires a lot of monitoring and precise caring. As a result, implementing image processing, GPS, thermal sensor features will help farmers effectively collect data and analyze the status of the harvest. As a result, it will help farmers better understand soil property, moisture content and soil erosion (Kipkemoi). The wellness of crops depends on the quality of harvesting and management of the farms. What we eat affects how we function every day. So if drone agriculture can help maximize the yield and overall quality of crops, that would give people the most benefits from these crops. In addition to the growing world population, these reasons for a push in drone agriculture give more reason of how impactful it will be for everyone.


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