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The Role of Globalization – Jared Wine

In my daily life, I find myself impacted by globalization often. My car is made in Japan, I get my news from the U.K., and my clothes are made in Taiwan. All of these facts are due to the rise of globalization in today’s society. Globalization allows for countries to trade goods and services easier then even before. Globalization has not only had an impact on myself, but also my family. My father, for example, works for a luxury resort company with locations all over the world. Without the rise of globalization, the company that he works for would not be able to feature location all around the world, and would not be as successful as they are today. Globalization also allows my family to purchase products from oversees that are cheaper than domestically-produced goods. This is also one of the reasons globalization has been good for the United States. Due to the lack of raw materials in the continental 48 states, a large amount of the U.S.’s products are produced oversees and then shipped to the States. Without globalization, this would not be feasible and citizens would find themselves spending a lot more money on day-to-day products. The cost of living has decreased drastically with the rise of globalization.


-Jared Wine

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