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The Role of Globalization

Matthew Klein (ENES464)

I have a phone and computer made by Apple, I wear clothes made by Nike, and I drive a Volkswagen Jetta. All these products have gone through the globalization process in some way to get from being manufactured to being in my possession. The same can be said for pretty much all Americans. Trading interactions between nations is a massive aspect of business and in fact, according to the World Trade Organization, in 2014 the total amount of merchandise exported throughout the world amounted to about $18.5 trillion and the market is only going up.

With regard to my family, and also myself, so many of us have worked for very large corporations and institutions that do work on a global scale. Numerous companies and businesses are owned by a handful of large parent companies which are very diversified and powerful. As I mentioned before, globalization is not only integrated into businesses that we work for, but also the businesses we consume from. When we step outside we are exposed to countless advertisements for products and services of companies that operate in other countries or companies based in the U.S. that do work around the world.

On a scale of several hundred years the United States has profited greatly in the global market. As one of the most powerful nations in the world, it has influence to all corners. However, because of this, American companies utilize foreign laborers which can be cheaper and lead to higher profit margins for the company leaders but take away from the American people who need jobs themselves. This is a double-edged sword for the United States because these large businesses are becoming even more powerful but it can seriously affect regular American citizens who won’t receive the same opportunities due to globalization.

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