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The Shadow of Globalization

Trevor Pollack

The Shadow of Globalization

Globalization influences individuals lives in most areas of the world,  however its impact is not something people think about on a daily basis. Globalization looms over everyone’s head like a shadow on a sunny day,usually going unnoticed to the human eye. The working definition of globalization given by professor Shyam Chidamber is stated as, “An increasing friction-less flow of capital, labor, information, goods and services without regard to national boundaries.” In other words this means that there is easy access and an abundance of information and technology readily available in the palm of your hand; literally and figuratively with the use of today’s Iphone. Thomas Friedman expands this idea of globalization even further when he says, “This era of globalization is built around individuals and it’s exciting the degree to which it empowers, enjoins, enables, and requires individuals to globalize themselves and think about themselves as potential connectors, collaborators, and competitors with other individuals around the world.” Globalization is everywhere that you look nowadays, for example globalization has allowed me specifically to study abroad in Italy and personally witness the fusion of cultures and products from the United States to Europe.

Globalization influenced my family greatly, both sides of my family came to America as immigrants. My mothers side coming from Italy and my dads from Romania, thus bringing over their own unique traditions and cultures. Globalization has also allowed me to freely communicate with my cousins that are still in Italy through the use of apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Globalization has been great for the rich and powerful Americans that own businesses, while the poor citizens have been rendered job-less. In Any corner of the world you can find global conglomerates that have their products everywhere. For example in the very heart of Beijing, once known as the forbidden city you can find a Starbucks. These big corporations are making more money than ever because they can supply more customers around the globe. On the other side of the spectrum, the major consequence of globalization is that manufacturing jobs are now being shipped to foreign countries such as China, because the manufacturing costs are lower. Therefore, although the United States still has the largest nominal GDP, millions of people are living in poverty, and income inequality has never been greater, depending on your economic situation it will determine your interpretation of the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.


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