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The Shrinking World

by Kai Chen


Because of globalization, the world is getting smaller day by day in terms of business perspectives, communication, relationships. As a student from China. I have witnessed the great changes of my home country due to globalization in recent years. Thanks to globalization, I could buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks which is only one block away from my home; I could buy food from McDonald’s for lunch. It is an interesting fact that two decades ago, Starbucks and McDonalds are largely unknown here, except as symbols of the west. Nowadays, there are 1811 Starbucks stores and over 3700 McDonald’s restaurants in China (Statista, Fang Yan).

The globalization also brings large impact to my near and extended family. For example, my uncle owns an electronics company. He recently decided to enter European market in order to expand his business. He has built partnership with a European company. This company has already sent 12 experts to China to provide technical supports for new products. In this example, the main factors that drive the globalization are knowledge imperative, global customers and growth imperative.

I completely agree that globalization has brought a lot of opportunities and benefits to US. First, US has great values of merchandise exports, about $1.6 trillion in 2015 (CIA, World Factbook). Globalization significantly facilitates the economic growth and creates lot of job opportunities. Second, because of globalization, more and more international students come to America. The increasing number of international students also helps the growth of US from many aspects such as economic aspect, labor market aspect.

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