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The Smart Ones

Harshdeep Goraya

The Smart Ones

One major technological innovation that has extended our limits as well as revolutionized the world we live in is the smart phone. This device brings enormous amounts of positive impact in the lives of people all around the world. Though, it brings just as much conflict in the world. People have endless ways of usage for these devices as they have been integrated as a part of their lives now. As it gives our society access to absolutely everything on the World Wide Web it may at times divert attention from what is right in front of us. DeWayne Hamby, a Chattanooga-based communications specialist explains, “Information is also so rapid and up-to-the-minute.… Ten years ago, we’d all be crowding around a television to hear what’s happening, and now we have our phones.” As we continue forward in this world, every aspect has been shaped from the power of this technology.

This technology being brought into the picture of our society carves us to the extent we allow it to. Ou lives on a daily basis have become much more reliant and attracted to these devices as they do everything we want and need them to do for us. As in the work field, operations have become much more efficient in time and effort necessary to accomplish certain tasks as these devices can do it all in a matter of seconds. In entertainment, with such widespread variability of what this technology provides to us for our own enjoyment, we have increasingly diverted all forms and ways of enjoyment to be digital rather than anything outside of this medium. Though this technology has revolutionized our world, there is much to learn and move forward with in order to channel this type of tremendous power and knowledge that our people have access to.

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