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The Tipping Issue

Many people of the current generation do not know how to properly tip their servers at a restaurant. However, it cannot only be delegated as a generational problem. The issue rises partially from federal legislation, but mainly affects those who do not work in high-end restaurants. Some people admit they do not know how to properly tip, some say that tip is based solely on waiter performance, and some even go as far to say that there should be no obligation to pay gratuity altogether. No one truly knows why the restaurant industry has imposed tipping from a business standpoint.

When restaurants hire waiters/waitresses, federally they are only required to pay them an hourly wage of $2.13. That means that servers must rely solely on tips to allow them to come close to meeting what their state minimum wages are. The true divide comes from those who work in high-end restaurants vs. your typical daily dinning option. As those who work in high-end restaurants are usually serving tables that cost around $90 per person where in an average diner the cost per person falls to around $10.

Inequality among restaurant workers is now a growing issue. Those who serve in higher end restaurants tend to work less compared to small diners and dives. Small restaurant servers have to work on average around 9 times as hard in order to meet a basic $7.25 per hour wage working an 8 hour shift. What does that math mean? In high-end restaurants where the average cost per person is around $90, waiters only need to serve about one table an hour to meet that state minimum wage. Where as local diner waiters need to work at least 4 tables per hour to reach that same wage amount.

So how do we solve the tipping issue? Some restaurants have added a tip calculator to the bottom of customers’ checks to insure that their servers are receiving some portion of gratuity. Restaurant managers are still trying to hide behind federal legislation to minimize their costs to operate, which in turn means leaving the wages of their waiters to their customers.

Original Article: http://www.eater.com/2017/3/14/14908974/tipping-unfair-data

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