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The Transformation of Global Society: Robotics

by: Nikhil Hosamane

The main goal of technology is to make something easier for human beings. Technology is constantly advancing and improving so that it can encompass more aspects of daily life with the goal of positively benefiting many facets of everyday life such as work, travel, play etc. One major technological innovation I see in the future that will have significant consequences in global society is the development and production of robotics technology, which will help automate a variety of different functions in society. Therefore, this major innovation will drastically impact the numerous activities that people do (i.e. live, work, play) and cause change within society and among individuals.

The major change that robotics will bring about is revolutionizing process innovation. Currently, the production, distribution and delivery procedures of various companies are all mostly based on human labor and human transportation services. However, the introduction of robotics can result in the automation of these processes by having a machine perform the exact roles that a human will do without having any of the costs or issues involving human labor. These changes will impact global society because the efficiently and effectiveness of companies involved in process innovation will improve which in turn results in better goods and services for consumers. With development in machine learning, robots can also continue to learn on the fly, which will further improve efficiency of companies. The presence of robotics allows for plentiful opportunities for companies to cut down different costs and maximize their services/overall revenue.

This innovation will change the way we live/work/play in numerous ways. Robotics can be implemented in many facets of everyday life such as cleaning, cooking etc. so peoples lives could be made potentially easier since many tasks can be done by technology rather by themselves. In the workplace, the presence of robotics presents both positives and negatives. Higher efficiency will require more a more specialized workforce while potential blue-collar jobs will decrease. Overall, the development of robotics will help society and dramatically improve the quality of life for each individual in society.

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