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The Visual Revolution of AR-Technology by Robert Gomez


A technology which you may be unwittingly familiar with as you swap out your face to that of a cartoon dog on your Snap-chat app and which just last year made a huge appearance in the cellphone app market on the app which was downloaded more than 750 million times, Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality, or AR, is speculated to play a larger role in our daily lives in the upcoming decade. Merriam-Webster defines Augmented Reality as “…the digital overlay of information on an image…viewed through a device such as a smartphone camera.” AR promises to lift our eyes away from the screens of our phones and have our data displayed onto the world around us; with most of today’s cellphone apps making use of the phone’s camera to utilize AR functionality, this promise is slated to happen sooner than you may think.

Significance to Global Society

In an article posted by Seaberyat.com, by the year 2020, augmented reality will have a regular consumer base of around 1 billion users with an AR-glasses worldwide user-base forecast of 5.4 million. These users, with the help of their AR tech will be able to use AR both for leisure and tasks at work. For example, In a recent press conference, Google unveiled their future update to Google-Maps app’s walking feature, which will overlay turn by turn walking directions with the use of a cellphone’s camera feed, displaying pop-ups for nearby shops and attractions along their route. Another revolutionary AR feature that Google has already developed is within their translation app; this feature allows the user to scan a foreign language and have and immediate overlay of that of their native one; this will surely help to spur tourism in inaccessible areas to foreigners who are incapable of reading their surroundings.

In the workplace, AR is already being implemented. Boeing is currently in the midst of having their technicians use AR goggles to help them follow the complicated electrical wiring through the exteriors of fuselages. They have since seen in their technicians a 90% improvement in first time quality control when compared with the use of physical manuals and a 30% reduction time spent in completing a job. AR definitely promises to shake up the world’s current idea of information consumption just as the smart phone did a decade ago and bring with it an entirely new market and lifestyle!


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