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“This Device Could Provide a Third of America’s Power”

Mariana Colberg


April 14,2016

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“This Device Could Provide a Third of America’s Power”


Oscilla Power located in Seattle, Washington is a private company that its main goal is to develop a device that serves as a new source of renewable energy and energy harvesting solutions. Their testing labs consist of large tanks of water that are capable of stimulating any ocean condition. The Triton is a prototype wave energy converter that the company is using to test Oscilla’s idea. Triton is divided into two bodies, at the top a surface float which provides the buoyancy and hanging below is a heath plate. As the top body moves the bottom body resists that motion creating energy. The challenge that this company faces with wave energy is to be able to build a device that is going to extract energy from ocean waves, that’s not going to break and that’s going to do it affordably compared to other sources of energy. This device will reach the length of 30 meters and could serve as an additional source of clean energy.

As a person who is extremely concerned about our environment, I believe this new adaption of energy harvesting could become an additional resource of gathering clean and renewable energy. Although it is a difficult task to maintain and work in such a rough working environment, an additional resource of sustainable energy could benefit our society.

This story relates to the class because global corporate citizenship involves the development of new technology and its advancements. Technology is constantly changing the business aspect. Also, how our environment is a key aspect of global corporate citizenship.



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