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Three Levels of Globalization

By: Chad Baker

Because of the international economization of everything from college to local fast food every facet of my life is effected by globalization. The international student body at the college I attend, University of Maryland, is a byproduct of the global economy and relationships that help further the competitive academic culture. To take another example, consumer electronics that I use such as my MacBook and iPhone are Apple products. They are a joint effort between an American Company (Apple Computers), a British designer (Jonathan Ives), and predominately Chinese (and a few other countries including India) manufacturing. (1)

Secondly, globalization has affected my family mainly through the internet and with e-commerce. My dad is in insurance which as an industry has been less affected by globalization then others due to customer’s strong desire for service employees native to their local culture. The intangible nature of insurance as a product makes foreign manufacturing a mute point as well. My mother’s travel business has been made more competitive with online price comparison and discount sites luring customers away from a service based travel purchasing experience. In particular, younger customers are more captive in the international travel landscape, whereas older generations prefer someone to help them and the peace of mind that comes with an agent.

Lastly, I believe globalization is predominately a positive force for the United States. The tides of globalization have risen and fallen in the US, despite what modern media messages would often lead one to believe. Hassan Siddiq a writer for Yale Global believes that the current executive administration’s America first message could prove to extinguish the positive and mezmorizing image that the large culture exports of America have created during the 21st century  (2) (Hollywood, music industry, etc.). I do understand the benefits of isolationism and it is a path that we have been down during our modern history, but overall finding our political identity while participating our world’s now globalized economy seems the wisest path forward.

(1) https://www.apple.com/leadership/jonathan-ive/

(2) https://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/globalization-without-uncle-sam-america-first-may-mean-america-out

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