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Amazon Asks for Block on Shareholder Hate Speech Proposal

By: Lissa Marie Dewindt This post contains content from the article: Over the past decade shareholder lawsuits continue rising, and here’s one of the reasons why.  Big Corporations have failed to execute the shareholder’s Legal Rights and Safeguards.  According to, “Seattle-based Amazon com Inc. has asked federal ...

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Strikes are Being Led by A German Union to Increase Amazon Worker’s Wages

The following post, written by Saraya Roberts, is in response to an article titled “A big German union fights to preserve national pay standards” in The Economist, which was written on November 6th, 2021: Currently, Amazon workers in Germany make the equivalent of around $35 thousand dollars per year. ...

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Merck will allow drugmakers in other countries to make its COVID-19 pill So what if I were to tell you that Merck is currently facing similar public controversy surrounding a recent drug of theirs that is hitting the market? Yes, so considering the topic of today’s case discussion it felt important to highlight the push back the pharmaceutical company Merck is ...

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Tesla Decrypt

NFI Decrypted Tesla Storage Code 11/5/2021 Nicole Filipe As talked about in class, information online is not as secure as it seems. We talked about how if it’s ethical for self-driving cars should exist and how they should make decisions – and WHO should make the decisions about the ...

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Trump Announces Pre-Launch of Social Media Platform “TRUTH Social,” Hackers & Investors Alike Take Notice

Kieran Magnes – October 22nd, 2021 Former President Donald Trump announced the pre-launch of “TRUTH Social” on Wednesday, a social media platform designed to “stand up to the tyranny of big tech… with a mission to give a voice to all” (Trump Media & Technology Group, Press Release). This announcement ...

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Instagram and Teen Mental Health: a Crisis Ignored.

Instagram causing depression? Anxiety? Eating disorders? Well, “people use Instagram because it’s a competition. That’s the fun part,” says a former Instagram executive.[TW // this article discusses mental health, suicide, and eating disorders.] This week’s course material involves managing advances in technology and subsequent business responsibility. In line with our ...

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