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Toyota Uses Big Data to Guard Against Accelerator-Brake Mix-Up

Risako Matsumoto

Toyota will roll out what it calls an “accelerator suppression function” in new cars from this summer, beginning in Japan. Recent years, Toyota motor already developed the new car safety functions and this new system but this new feature was developed using data collected from the internet-connected cars it has on the road.

The system is a response to an increasingly common cause of traffic accident in ageing Japan where the driver, often elderly, mistakes the accelerator for the brake. This is because the aging society problem is one of the biggest social problem. For example, last year, the 88 years old man missteped on the accelerator and brake and run children and their mother over.

There are two points for this article. First is about CSR of this company. I think that the company should provide the appropriate service depending on the trend at that time and it is the corporation social responsibility. In addition, the business of car company relates to the traffic safety directly and also it leads to the people’s safety and health.  Toyota fulfilled its responsibility by creating new safety system. The second is about the privacy. The big data make our life better and more useful but I sometimes feel that I was being monitored through the internet. The Toyota can see where I was with own car and when I use it. The corporation has to keep the balance with the development using big data and the privacy of customers.

Toyota is one of the international leading corporation in car business. Toyota is the sponsor of the Tokyo Olympic 2020 and will show more power and effect on the market. Other Japanese companies like Honda are following to Toyota and try to develop new car safety system. I hope that Toyota become the model of corporation showing CSR.

Original Source: “Toyota Uses Big Data to Guard Against Accelerator-Brake Mix-Up”     (Feb. 3, 2020), New York Times

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