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Travelling the World with Globalization

Anjali Garg

Globalization has allowed the world to be connected with each other through the use of products, services while growing economies and spreading cultures. I have owned several Samsung phones, which are imported from South Korea – a country I probably would not have thought of if it wasn’t for my phone. Today, due to globalization, Samsung dominates the market for electronic products worldwide (Bondarenko). On the contrary, the iPhone – an American founded phone, is available in approximately 70 countries (Lovejoy). Most of my, if not all, clothes are actually not made in the United States; this applies to shoes as well. Even though the United States buys 20 billion garments per year, only 2% of them are actually manufactured in the country (Vatz). Due to globalization, we are able to get cheaper garments from other countries which benefits both economies – U.S. gets cheaper goods while the exporting countries have a immense number of jobs created.

As an immigrant to this country, globalization has allowed me and my family to pursue our dreams in a foreign country. With globalization, it is not only goods and services that are “traded” but also populations. Moreover, we have assimilated to the values and traditions of the country while also “trading” our own cultural values with fellow Americans. Globalization has allowed us to meet people from countries all over the world and we have learned about their ways.

With all things, there are pros and cons; this mutual dependence yet independence of a country makes globalization a complicated topic. For the U.S. however, globalization has been a good thing. Although it might seem that these days that everything is imported to the U.S. (specifically referring to China – which remains the top source of U.S. imports at $5.25 billion of goods per year as of 2017), Canada ($350 billion worth of goods) and Mexico ($300 billion worth of goods) actually remain as the “best customers of U.S. exports” (Peterson Institute for International Economics). This helps the U.S. keep the economy stable as well as establish good relationship with our neighboring countries. Also, due to the need of goods (i.e. clothing), other countries compete for our market which drive prices for Americans down. Additionally, globalization has allowed people to settle in the U.S. which allows the U.S. to become more diverse as a country, socially and culturally.

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