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Annie Bernstein – News Talk #1

Just a couple days before the inauguration, President-elect Donald J. Trump’s lawyer announced that he was going to put a vast amount of his business holdings into a trust, which would decrease the fear that he will use his office for personal gains. Essentially, any decisions he makes can benefit his business. That is unethical. He is a public servant and is not supposed to be making decisions that benefit himself. That is why he is supposed to get rid of his company. While Trump stepped away from his business, the named trustees are his eldest son, and the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer. Even though he is not running the company, he still retains authority to revoke their authority at any time. He used a revocable transfer instead of an irrevocable transfer, meaning he can get his company back whenever he wants. The article quotes ethic experts who say it’s not ethical unless it’s irreversible.

I think that President Trump should not have anything to do with his business anymore. While it seems like Trump did something by giving it over to his son and CFO, it did not do anything because he still had the authority to revoke it. In order for it to be completely out of his name, it had to be make irrevocable, and completely separate from his personal wealth. In conclusion, I agree with what the experts say it true, President Trump did was not merely enough.


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