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Twitter Vs. Harassment and Abuse

Just about every millennial in the United States has some sort of social media. More recently with the fall of the usage of Facebook, my generation has moved towards Twitter and the endless features that this social media platform has to offer with videos that can be up to two minutes long, voting polls, memes, and live conversational interactions with some of our favorite friends and celebrities.

Twitter is one of the most lenient social media platforms there is to offer. When is comes to cyberbullying, groups like Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat have made it relatively easy to report bad behavior going on within the app. Those groups also have specific personnel that handle the mass amount of content that is flushed through everyday. For example when a report is issued through Instagram, the person that created the post receives a notification and often times, the issue is resolved. That same outcome is often not the case for people who are harassed and abused through Twitter because the executives at Twitter have not invested in the personnel to work on those types of violations.

Twitter has tried to tackle users who abuse (cyberbully) other users, but it is not as easy as it may seem. They have attempted to ban users for using hate speech and prevent them from creating new accounts, but they cannot catch all of it and have not put very much effort into it.  It even goes to the simple #RoastMe tweets where photos of (often) random individuals and people comment about them using mean observations.

From a business point of view, the amount of people who are registering for Twitter is declining. In order for Twitter to regain the growth of users who register they need to have a solid plan on how to dress the issue with users harassing and bullying others. From an ethical standpoint who does the liability truly fall on, Twitter or the user of Twitter?

Original Article: “What it could take for Twitter to end harassment and abuse” MarketPlace, February 8, 2017

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