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Uber CEO is seeking “leadership help”


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About a week ago, the video of the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with a Uber driver was posted. In the accident, the Uber driver questioned and blamed Kalanick about the fares of Uber black since the driver is not making much money in that the company now has UberX which is cheaper and thus competitive. Both the CEO and the driver were acting aggressively towards each other.

In their conversation Mr. Kalanick said that “Some people don’t like to take responsibility [for themselves],”  “They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck.” The Uber CEO used curse word.

After the video went public and the news posted, Mr. Kalanick  admitted that he is ashamed of his behavior and that he needs leadership help.

The CEO responded to the fare of Uber services saying that “We’re not dropping the prices on black, we started high-end, we didn’t go low end because we wanted to, we went low-end because we had to,” he said referring to Uber’s now more-popular UberX service which was launched to help it compete with rival Lyft Inc.
The news in WSJ was written with bias. The writing intends to show the aggressiveness of the CEO and portrays the driver as a poor and pitiful guy. From my perspective, that is exaggerated.
My two questions: Is the CEO responsible for the bankruptcy of the driver? Do you think the CEO of Uber is getting leadership advice because he wants to and understands that he needs it? Or because he has to now that the media is focusing on him and portraying him as a bad leader?

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