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Uber vs. Lyft



Due to the increased demand of ridesharing drivers, people are willing to do whatever it takes to try to get involved in the industry in anyway they that they are able to. However, a large problem with some people being able to get involved with the industry is that many people don’t have cars. Therefore, Lyft has begun to do a partnership with GM motors in order to make cars more accessible to those who are not able to purchase one yet still want to be a Lyft driver. Lyft drivers would be able to rent a vehicle from GM for “$99 a week as well as the additional 20 cents per mile driven”. This will hopefully give the 1″50,000 people” who want to be involved in ridesharing yet don’t own a car a chance to enter the world of Lyft and Uber. While Uber has started programs like this before, they have been much more expensive than the partnership with Lyft and GM and therefore the world is waiting to see what will come of the ridesharing industry with all of the technology that is being brought its way.


This relates to our class being that technology is one of the biggest factors driving globalization. With the technology that is being used it will be able to spread this concept of being able to rent a car to preform work and will give people an opportunity to have jobs that they normally wouldn’t be able to have. The larger availability of drivers will also allow for people to get to places faster and more efficiently due to the obtainability of drivers with cars.


I feel like this article is very interesting because as a normal Uber user, I am fascinated that their program that they had piloted hasn’t gotten as much attention as Lyft. It seems to me that there might become an even closer competition between Lyft and Uber due to General Motors and I am excited to see how it pans out.

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