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Unilever’s Sustainable Strategies

Unilever, the multinational consumer merchandise company, is known for the brands that deliver some of our favorite food, cleaning, and hygiene products. Unilever puts sustainability at the forefront of its corporate responsibility, often taking on brands that follow these same ideals. Their newest deal is buying Seventh Generation, a US brand that produces “green” cleaning and personal items, according to the New York Times. Unilever stated that their “sustainably minded brands” actually create better business than some of their other brands. Recently, Unilever actually has dispossessed some of their less popular food brands and acquired more on-the-rise skin care and personal goods brands.

One company that they have kept on for 15 years is Ben and Jerry’s. The Vermont-based ice cream giant has always been a sustainability-minded company. They have great brand value, and always use values-lead marketing strategies. For Ben and Jerry’s their corporate citizenship stems from expressing the social and environmental change they support through their ingredient suppliers, rather than promoting and advertising themselves. If you’ve ever had Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked or Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavors then you have enjoyed brownies from Greyston Bakery. The New York bakery’s incredible brownies are just one part of their overall goals. The company actually provides jobs to low-income residents in the Yonkers area. They use an open door hiring policy with no background checks so anyone, regardless of education, incarceration, or homelessness, can still work at the bakery. They are given trial periods and if they prove to be a good employee, they are often taken on as full time staff. Ben and Jerry’s supports many companies just like Greyston, that put social and environmental change at the forefront of their corporate goals. Ben and Jerry’s cooperates with these companies and many organizations to provide awareness for various issues that face our society.

Here’s a Ben and Jerry’s video promoting their cooperation with Greyston!



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