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69 year old doctor David Dao, was brutally dragged off a United Airlines plane after refusing to leave an overbooked flight in favor of employees of the airline. The flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky was overbooked so the employees of the airline asked passengers to volunteer to leave. When no one volunteered they then offered to pay a customer $800. After refusal, David Dao was then forced off the plane under circumstances that have been universally seen as too far.

Whether or not United Airlines have been following the guidelines set by the Federal Transport Commission in regards to overbooking has been brought into question. What has brought even more criticism for United was the manner in which David Dao was treated for refusing to give up his seat, and the harm that was done to him.

Questions that are coming from this is just how unethical is it for airlines to overbook flights, and should airlines bump customer’s from their flights in favor of getting their employees seating? How should United have handled the situation?

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